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Helping your pet stay active, happy and adventurous.

Meet the Team

Big Adventrue Pets, meet Lucy, Dog, Golden Retreiver


Big Adventure Pets, meet Jordin


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Our Story

Why Big Adventure Pets?   Well, it’s simple, we love pets, and we love keeping them active and healthy!  


I spent many years pursuing a passion for making legs, arms and braces for people who have amputations, functional challenges or injuries.


My wife, a physical therapist, has trained many people to use their prostheses and braces in pursuit of living an active life. 


We just love helping people stay active.  We also know so many people, like us, count on their animal friends to help them stay active and adventurous in life. 


So, the idea was born to bring that same loving care and creativity to the furry side of life.  The whole family, even our dogs Lucy  and Jordin have been partners in helping us perfect some great designs and processes that we use to provide your favorite furry friend with whatever is needed to keep them active and partnering with you to continue chasing life’s adventures.

Drawing of Jordin
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