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Bracing can be a viable option for dogs with CLC (ACL) injuries.  Weight, surgical candidacy and other factors play a role in the success of either surgery or bracing. 

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Bracing vs. Surgical Intervention
for CCL Eecovery

Research indicates there are times for surgery and times when bracing may play a key role in the recovery phase of a CCL injury.  Some things to consider are age of the patient, weight of the patient and affordability. 


Below is a link to an article addressing this topic.

Custom Made vs. Soft OTC
Bracing for Pets

Custom made bracing for the patient vs soft over the counter bracing can make a difference.  Joint stiffness and control provides the best results when controlling joint motion a key factor in CCL stabilization.

Below is a link to an article that discusses joint stiffness and it benefits in controlling the stifle joint.

Dog giving a high five

Short term and long term outcomes for overweight dogs treated with surgical and non surgical interventions

The research shows successful interventions for dogs with CCL injuries treated surgically and non surgically. 


The article link below address specifically the outcomes for overweight dogs treated with surgical vs non surgical approach.

Other articles of interest

Pelvic limb kinematics in the dog with and without a stifle orthosis

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