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Helping your pet stay active, happy and adventurous.

Custom Pet Prosthetics and Braces, each designed for a perfect comfortable fit.

If your fury friend needs a brace, replacement for a lost leg, a wheel chair or any other creative solution to help them stay active and mobile we can help.  Our whole purpose is to create solutions to help you and your fury friend keep adventuring together on the trail, around the neighborhood or in the house.

If you have a need please give us call and let's talk about possibilities.   

Meet Penny

Penny is a rescue dog with an amputated front leg removed at the shoulder.  She is a little shy, but full of energy.  Her person, Kathy,  was concerned she was wearing out her other front leg and noticed she hopped everywhere vs walking.  We fashioned a prosthetic limb with a front wheel which allows her to roll on the left side while her right front paw is off the ground.  No more hopping and much less stress on the other joints.  That means a lot more tail wagging walks for Penny.


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